Australia Job Net





Australia Job Net is a website helping people (especially students) from Asian countries to seek ideal jobs in Australia.

Our main objectives:
To provide information of the Australian labour market and list job searching skills;
To introduce Australian government employment counselling department, like Workplace, Centrelink, Jobserch and so on;
Select private own employment agency and other job searching websites.

In the websites, it covers various kinds of work from different places in Australia, Generally speaking, Australia is a country with lack of labours, as long as you have sufficient information for understanding Australia, grasp skills of job search, you could find the ideal work.


Job Search Step one:  Resume Writing 

Your resume plays an important role in your application for an  vacancy. It will provide the potential employer with an accurate understanding of you and your capabilities......

Job Search Step two: Identifying Leads and Opportunities

In order to get the kind of exposure you need, it's crucial that you post your resume to many of resume databases. To market your resume will highly increase your chances of securing the job you want......


Job Search step three: Take action and contact

After you have developed a list of employers who you want to work for, the next step is to contact them... 

Job Search Step Four: Interview preparation / Interview

Successful interviews are critical in landing the job you want.

Preparation is essential to remaining calm under pressure and is the first step toward a successful interview...

Job Search step five: Keep track and follow-up

 A good and successful job search should keep track of all contacts/interviews you make. You can track the information in a contact manager that comes bundled with most computers or use index cards or plain old paper and pencil. 


Employment Organisation

The government is equipped with the special organisation to help you to seek the job
(details see useful links)